In the next 7 minutes you are going to learn how to slash your grocery bill to as little as $17 using a weird, long forgotten system re-discovered by a World Bank Insider.

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Food that is 100% pesticide FREE

No risk of cancer causing Genetically Modified Foods from Power Hungry food conglomerates like Monsanto.

And no empty calorie fillers.

Just Healthy Delicious food that will have you and your family feeling more vibrant, high energy, and clear minded with laser beam focus.

Lose pounds, feel better, and know that your food supply is secure in your own home.

And you can even take the over-abundance that your family can’t eat now and store it for later.


Sell it to friends, neighbors, or even at the Farmers Market
for additional income.

And you can have all this for just pennies on the dollar.

For a very SHORT period of time we are giving away this entire system.

So stick with me until the end to see how you can get your copy today for FREE.

You are about to hear a strange but true story about a World Bank Insider named Arturo, who uncovered something so  sinister it shook him to his core…

Forced him to quit his position at World Bank and go in search of a solution to fix an imminent crisis.

A manufactured crisis that has been planned and is being implemented by big banks and massive food conglomerates like Monsanto.

A Crisis That Is Barely Covered In Today’s Media

And you will see how this ties directly into your food source.

How it affects Your ability to provide for yourself and your family.

And you will see the solution he discovered from years of research, trial and error…

…Travelling to dangerous regions of the world to help those he thought were the affected the worst.

Those that he saw the devastating plan for…

…During a late night planning meeting to finance a regional population takeover.


You will also learn the Heart Stopping Realization he had from across the world about how this crisis
will affect America.

But First…

This Is Arturo (Art For Short)

Since his time spent at the World Bank he has been on a 7 year mission.

To undo the evils that he saw laid out in front of him in a plan set to a time table.

He’s travelled to 3rd world countries working on refining a method of growing food in the harshest of conditions.

We are talking about dry, desert like, dustbowl conditions.

He has been putting his life on the line in parts of the world that are not safe.

Where governments steal food delivered via humanitarian efforts from the American Government
and Big Corporations.

Truth is…

Massive corporations and our Government give hundreds of millions in aid that never reaches the fragile souls for which is it intended.

Unfortunately it is commonplace and common knowledge, yet very little is done about it.


More on that in a minute.

First… Let’s talk about how this directly affects you and your family.

As Arturo pulled back the layers of this widely accepted corruption in foreign aid.

He quickly learned that it was much more than just turning a blind eye to a bad situation.

It was actually an intentional act to allow food to be stolen from the people who need it the most.

When he asked why.

The Answer He Got Kicked Him In The Gut Like A Mule

Humanitarian aide was actually a ruse, designed to funnel obscene profits to companies like Monsanto, all while moving their plan for world power forwards.

And food was the leverage tool being used to gain this power.

Creating allies with pirates and dictators allowed them to control the population.

Destroy their agricultural industries from within.

And control the leaders.

It was really a large regional test run and the people in these poor villages were the guinea pugs.

Art sat down in disbelief, shook his head no, and at that moment he knew he just couldn’t do it anymore.

He was compelled to abandon his job and start his own humanitarian aide efforts.

In some ways it was almost like a penance.

An attempt to wash away the knowledge of what he had been exposed to.

He began volunteering in 3rd world countries.

Searching for a way to bring in a safe, secure food supply that could feed an entire village.

Importing food was impossible.

Bringing in seeds was almost useless due to the harsh conditions.

With each trip to one of these famished populations, Arturo desperately looked searched for the answer.

After two years of searching and trial and error,

He finally found a method that was long forgotten.

It Was Perfect

He called it his Clean Food Source – The perfect system for securely growing healthy, nutritional food in abundance anywhere, anytime, on any budget.

It allowed anyone to grow a completely self –sustaining food source in a concealed garden that required no soil, 98% less water that a traditional garden.

Required no pesticides, provided a consistent protein source, and was completely secure.

This was truly the perfect trifecta of concealed, safe, healthy, better than organic food production.

The people Arturo was creating this for were Poor and Uneducated.

So…Arturo knew if he could make it work in these ravaged 3rd world countries…

Then he had something that would finally release these people from the shackles of their environment.

Finally give them the opportunity to have an overabundance of food and even trade their excess food produced with his Clean Food Source Garden System with neighboring villages.

And finally break these people free from the sinister plot laid out before him years before.

And it was his vision to take this out to the rest of the world.

To revolutionize the way people get access to healthy food that is actually good for them.

This was something that had never existed before in this region.

So Arturo went to work to perfect his plan.

He Built 5 Different Systems At His Home

Testing different grow methods and techniques.

After 1 year of growing his food supply in these systems, Art felt he had the perfect system ready
to take into the field.

The first trip to the Yucatan Peninsula the system was a moderate success.

While there were some breaks, overall the system did what it was supposed to do.

The real challenge at this point was getting the village natives to understand how to actually use it.

The Method had To Be Simplified.

Arturo went home and worked tirelessly to increase his own knowledge to improve and simplify the system so anyone could use it.

He went to school for 2 years and got a certification in this method of food production and growing.

He then was able to modify what he learned to work better within this food growing system he was perfecting.

Each system he built worked better and cost less.

With each trip he made the systems ran better and he was able to successfully train the heads of the villages
to operate them.

More and more people who were once starving are now treated every day to a lavish abundance of cheap, healthy food in places where there was once just dust.

Fast forward 5 years and now Arturo is THE most respected authority on this amazing method
that he has re-pioneered.

His success stories in his missions are unrivalled.

He established this system in El Salvador where is it currently being used as both a multi family garden AND as a single family back yard garden.

Kenya: where he set up a number of Clean Food Systems to operate as multi family and single family private systems in Kazakhstan, and Lenya. These system are being scaled to become local food production centers throughout the regions.

Sandoval, Mexico: The facility created there provides food, shelter, and education about food production to the locals.

Arturo helped in the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Turkey by establishing Clean Food Systems to help feed these refugees in a time of crisis.

Reynosa Mexico, where he established a Clean Food System at a local orphanage to help feed these once under nourished children.

It’s all documented and readily available .

And while that is amazing.

It is what Arturo realized about America during his time overseas…

…While feeding starving villages , that will shock you to your core.

It was during his time in 3rd world South America that Arturo realized…

Americans are at the greatest risk  of anyone else in the world when it comes to our food supply.

You see, while near starving, poor villagers are grateful for any kind of help they can get.

We Americans are completely clueless about our food supply.

Already 100% dependent on the massive food conglomerates that are only interested
in two things: money and power.

We live a nation of epidemic obesity while starving ourselves at the same time.

By eating empty calories.

The rate of cancer is increasing.

Autism is on the rise.

Children with attention disorders is considered almost a normal occurance these days.

And food borne illnesses and allergies are a near daily occurrence.

Our food system has been hijacked by greedy corporations.

They have re-created the American food system to lie, deceive, and poison Americans.

Conglomerate food companies out for their bottom line create foods with longer shelf life.

Fruits and Vegetables that bruise less, and last longer.

Pest resistant product that has the pesticides Genetically Modified right into them.

All in search of improving their bottom line.

Countries like China, France, England, Australia, and Japan, most of the first world…

…Have Banned These Modified Foods That The US Federal Government Recently Protected Under A Law Dubbed The Monsanto Protection Act.

The study, led by Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen, was the first ever study to examine the long-term (lifetime)
effects of eating GMOs.

Natural News compiled a collection of resources that cited reports about GMO’s being harmful to lab rats and the potential dangers represented to humans.

Imagine a tomato that is genetically merged with fish DNA so they are more resistant to cold.

The tomato included a modified gene from a breed of arctic flounder that, it was hoped, would allow the tomatoes to be more resistant to frost and cold storage.

Activists decried these so-called "fish tomatoes",

Corn that has harmful pesticides right in them.

The industry name for this is “Bt corn” and the insecticide is actually produced inside the plant, so it is impossible to wash it off.

This is accomplished by inserting genes from the bacteria Bacillus Thuringiensis into the corn.

Genetically Modified Crops that are designed to “infect” natural crops with their DNA marker and take over.

"They had novel combinations of transgenic traits," Sagers says. "The most parsimonious explanation is these traits are stable outside of cultivation and they are evolving."

Americans are more disconnected from where their food comes from than ever before in our history.

Our grandparents grew their own food and even canned and dried fruits and veggies in case
of emergency situations.

Our parents did a lot of that as well until recently.

The food industry has transformed our personal connection to our food over the last 50 years.

It’s truly shocking that in just 50 years the American Food Conglomerates have completely unhinged our population from understanding the source of their food.

Less than 1% of the population grows food for the other 99% .

And this 1%, the farmers, are not the farmers you see on TV.

They are more like indentured servants to the big five food companies that control everything.

They are masters at remaining behind the curtain and only allowing us to see the image they want.

Sure we see video documentaries about mad cow disease.

We see shows about how horrible fast food is and the goop that becomes hamburgers.

And you have most likely see the video of the sick cow being prodded with a fork lift…

And we all see news reports on regional Ecoli breakouts that the FDA could not contain fast enough due to being over stressed and stretched too thin to properly manage the food distribution system.

But none of it is enough to really make a difference in Americans food buying decisions.

We are so disconnected from our food source that most Americans don’t connect a cow with the milk
that they are drinking.

The hamburger or steak that they are eating.

Or anything else that we put in our bodies.

This Is Exactly The Risks That
Arturo Saw For Americans

So he came back Stateside with a battle proven system.

And a new found resolve to take on the mission of getting his message out to every American coast to coast.

FIRST…He started a meet up group in Austin, Texas.

That quickly became the largest in the country on the topic of growing your own food utilizing
this Clean Food Source.

That is how I met Arturo.

My name is Oli Fischer.

Over the last 6 years I have become one of the top go to authorities for Self Reliance Blue Prints and Survival Systems helping over 42,321 families get prepared.

Back then I was coming off the collapse of 2007-8 and my family had just moved to Austin.

We were on a tight budget and the idea of growing my own food was a perfect skill I wanted to learn.

Not only would it allow me to save a ton of money that I was going to have to spend otherwise.

It was a skill that would solve a problem I had in the year leading up to meeting Arturo.

Keeping food on the table during a horrific down time financially.

I figured that if I knew how to use his system to grow food for my family, we would always be prepared and able to eat no matter what happened.

Arturo Was Great!

He was very open with me and we hit it off.

Within 6 weeks of setting up my Clean Food Source System…

I was picking my first full dinner from my own Clean Food Source gardening alternative.

This system was truly amazing.

Not only was this system producing healthy vegetable…

They were growing so big, so fast, so fresh, that is was like I was cheating.

But here’s the catch …

I wasn’t.

After a year of knowing Art, I asked him if I could get some of his time to figure out who he was

He agreed so we set a meeting at his house.

I asked Arturo, “WHY Do you do this?“

“Why teach all these people you barely know how to use your system to grow an over-abundance of food?“

One of his students I recently met had opened a Farmers Market kiosk and was making a killing selling the “Extra” food that he and his family couldn’t possibly eat.

So Arturo… Seriously, Why Are You Teaching This?

He looked me dead in the eye, in a way that was so serious he made me squirm
(I guess once a banker always a banker).

He said... ”Oli… if you knew what I knew, you would be scared shitless”.

Now I had just come off of the worst of lows myself.

And I didn’t think there was anything that could really shock me anymore.

But the intensity in Arturo’s eyes made me stop and take him in for consideration.

I asked him to tell me all of it.

Over the next three hours Arturo laid out for me what he learned while in these 3rd world nations, about Americans vulnerability.

And it blew me away.

Everything we have learned about how our society
operates is wrong.

The “Security” we find in our social systems, food systems, and monetary systems are all a farce.

And they are all tied together to create the biggest lie in American History.

Food is the real power.

In any crisis situation, food is worth more than money, gold, or guns combined.

The skill to grow and produce food is a life skill that makes any person who possesses it a very desirable ally.

Someone that is protected by the masses who have no clue how to feed themselves.

There are many factors at play by big companies like Monsanto, that are using food as a power play.

Monsanto has openly stated that their goal is to control the worlds food supply.

They do it by forcing farmers to use their DNA patent marked seeds.

Seeds that that grow plants that no longer produce seeds for the next harvest.

Every year the farmers have to go to Monsanto and buy seeds from them.

These farmers are under the control of Monsanto and are forced to use their Genetically Modified seed that grow cancer causing foods.

And if the farmers refuse to use these seed?

Monsanto has even designed their seeds to “infect” crops that are not from Monsanto.

The next season the farmers seeds will have the DNA Patent Marker on it and will no longer produce seeds for the following years crops.

Independent seed sellers are being bought up by the dozen by Monsanto leaving only a handful today.

These GMO’s Are Dangerous

They have been proven to cause cancer in lab rats.

Chickens and cows are drugged and shot full of hormones to grow them faster.

Get them to produce more milk.

And get them to the slaughter house in a fraction of the time nature allows them to grow.

All of these chemicals and hormones are ingested by us and we absorb these chemicals into our bodies.

In all of American there are only 5 companies that control all of the food in our country.

Imagine that power they hold over every single citizen.

I sat back wide eyed feeling like the curtain had been pulled back for the first time and I just drank from a fire hose.

Art and I really bonded during our chat.

And at the end of our day together Art shared something very personal with me.

I asked him what the biggest regret was.

And he looked down and the floor, as if almost ashamed.

He looked up with a sideways glance and out the side of his mouth with a Texan Drawl he
admitted his deepest shame.

That he was not able to find a way to reach as many people as he would have liked.

He said…” Shoot Oli, we’re all runnin’ outta time. Shit is about to hit the fan in the next couple of months and I regret that I could not reach more folks…..

More good folks that deserve better than what is coming their way”.

He went on to say that starting the meet up group was the only way he knew to connect.

And when it became the largest in the country.

He realized he was not even making a dent in the population he wants to reach.

He went on to explain how the spiraling national debt was really going to hurt the average American.

People like you and me.

Who are forced to rely on wallstreet for our retirement.

Everything we need in our life has a cost that is controlled by these markets.

Very few people produce what they need anymore.

Especially food.

Grocery stores have only 3 days food supply in their inventory at any time.

This is because of a manufacturing process they use known as LEAN.

Basically, the less the store keeps in inventory, the less they spend on storing and the less they spend on inventory.

Increasing their bottom line.

But the risks are that this makes the store supply fragile.

Because they are so dependant on the supply chain.

Any break in the supply chain results in stores being left empty.

Any surge in purchasing by consumers – leaves store sheleves stripped bare for day or weeks before they can get enough inventory back in the store.

Another “Silent” Crisis in the making is the extreme drought conditions in the West.

Mainly California.

Where farmers have been forced to adandon their crops this year due to water restrictions.

California grows roughly 1/3 of all domestic produce
and ½ of all exports.

This dent in the supply will create a spike in food costs.

Not only in produce.

But also in meat since the cost of feed for cattle is at an all time high.

Sky Rocketing fuel costs are also a huge factor.

Increasing the expenses involved for food manufacturers to deliver their goods and passing
this cost on to consumers.

CBS reported an 18% spike in food costs over the last 5 years.

While average household incomes have only increased by 1%.

The end result is a compounding of all these factors.

To create skyrocketing food costs at a time whem Americans can afford it the least.

Art continued…

“I Just Wish There Was A Way I Could
Get The Message Out Better”

FINALLY here was my opportunity to repay Art for all that he had done for me.

I had already established a community of self reliant minded people that had been asking about how I learned to grow my own food.

There were literally hundreds of questions a day pouring in.

I proceeded to tell Art about how I can help him get his message out to way more people online.

Starting within our community.

He perked up and listened.

I continued to explain what we would need to do to organize his lessons and how we would put his message online for thousands to see.

He agreed and we went right to work.

It took 4 months to compile all of his notes and lesson.

Then another 3 months to organize all the information into a clear
concise lesson book.

And then another month working with layout people to make sure it was done right.

In the end we had something that was great and we both could be proud of.

Over the last two years thousands of people have achieved freedom from a corrupt food system using Arts Clean Food Source blueprint.

Now you can start enjoying a healthier lifestyle from a cleaner diet.

Living safer and free from greedy corporations that poison our
food supply for profits.

Protecting your family from dangerous bacteria and viral outbreaks like eCOLI that are not caught until
they spread regionally.

Imagine the joy of reconnecting yourself and your family with their food source.

One of my favorite joys in the world I seeing my 2 year old daughter pick strawberries right from
the garden and eat them.

Same with peas, green beans, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, blueberries, rasberries, potatos, and a host of other healty, delicious vegetable that she knows comes from our back yard.

And My Wife And I Are So Happy Because
The Clean Food Source System Is As Effortless As It Gets

  • No dirt
  • No Digging
  • No Weeding
  • No Bending
  • No harmful pesticides
  • Just a few simple steps and we were up and running
  • And you can too


In the spirit of how we put this whole thing together.

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